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Freelance Writing

Writing has always been a natural form of expression for me. In my earlier educational years,  I was secretary for a number of related organizations that included federation matters. As well, one of my degree majors was political science and therefore politics has always been an interest of mine. I am a news sponge, as it were, with letters to the editor to newspaper across Canada becoming an initial outlet. My first published pieces were for the Ottawa Citizen and the Upper Canadian antique magazine, with later features in Harrowsmith and Life in the County magazines, among others.

There are people who can write and there are people who find that expression more difficult. They may require the skills of a published writer for any number of reasons. One useful reason is to bring family history to life, another might be a need to produce an important report, or thirdly, the desire to publish an article for a company publication or organization. A good writer requires background information in order to prepare a piece and so research is part of that service.

I provide a draft text copy to the client, and then a final one in both format and print. I have access to an excellent photographer, illustrators and designers who can assist where necessary.

If you find putting your great thoughts together as difficult as I would in changing a spark plug, think of me.

Here are a few samples from my portfolio:

1. Manly MacDonald
(Source: The Upper Canadian)

2. Interpreter of Old Ontario
(Source: The Upper Canadian)

3. A County Painter
(Source: Life in the County Magazine, Autumn 2008)

4. Easel, paints and man named Manly - Writer compiling details on local artist

News Columns:

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Northumberland's Massey saga
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Warkworth: the very old and very new
By Charles Beale, For Northumberland Today

Manuscript Editing & Design

Now here's a real slog for some! Professionals hire editors to read and make both style and technical changes to improve a manuscript whether it is a storyline, a press or trade piece. Larger manuscripts might pertain to someone's memoirs, or reminiscences of life which need tweaking. In some cases, the client also wants the material formatted, designed, and printed in a pleasing manner.

If any of the above criteria suit your project, let me hear from you!

Professional Cataloguing of Art

I have developed a new skill in the cataloguing of Manly MacDonald's paintings. In the past I have done appraisals in art, and have been an art dealer and collector. Again, the service may include research. Both a print and formatted text list is provided which includes canvas details, provenance of the art, and a full description. Values are provided for insurance purposes.

Antique Appraisal

Having been an avid collector all my life and an antique dealer twice in the 1990s, I have learned a great deal about this massive trade. At some point serious collectors want a listing of their prized pieces, perhaps for insurance purpose or for estate planning, or both. Research is sometimes required with this service as well. The final list includes the age, description, condition and relative value of each piece.